The Power Of Red


This bracelet from the Rose Dior collection is one of 54 realistic figurative high jewellery pieces that pays poetic tribute to Monsieur Dior‘s most beloved flower. The subtle colour nuances of a frost – kissed rose are captured beautifully, thanks to an artful sprinkling of diamonds, pink sapphires and rubies. Deftly hammered and polished white gold lends the stem and its leaves their plant – like texture, while intermittently placed diamonds depict frost twinkling in the sun’s rays.


The British jeweller lives up to its name of a purveyor of the finest, rarest and most exquisite gemstones with this high jewellery necklace in white gold and platinum. Its simplicity belies the challenge in sourcing for multiple gemstones that are a perfect match in colour and quality – a laborious process that can sometimes take years. Here, spellbinding pear – shaped rubies totalling 34 carats and diamonds weighting 21 carats converge to depict a dynamic motif reminiscent of a spectacular fireworks display. One can’t help but feel jubilant at the sight of this showpiece.

Tiffany & Co

This ultra – contemporary platinum necklace from the Tiffany & Co Blue Book collection is a masterful display of colour and form. Baguette diamonds of over 39 carats and an exceptional suite of 27 emerald – cut multicoloured tourmalines with a combined weight of over 183 carats are bound together by an unexpected staple motif in yellow gold. Spanning warm orange to delicate pink and alluring red hues, the colour gradation of the tourmalines makes for a breathtaking sight in an elegant cascade down the neckline.

Van Cleef & Arpels

From the maison’s new cosmos – inspired collection, Soul les etoiles, is this astounding white and rose gold Ison cuff bracelet, which depicts its namesake comet that disintegrated into a diffused, radian cloud after passing too close to the sun in 2013. Diamonds provide a scintillating accompaniment to Mystery Set rubies that were placed into gold rails tracing the shape of bracelet. Gracefully wrapping around the wrist, this fiery piece features rows of round diamonds of varying diameters.


The Roman Jeweller of Time presents Magnifica, a new collection of four secret watches that highlight the unequivocal savoir faire of the house’s master artisans. Pictured here, the Ruby Metamorphosis watch is the most expensive and precious timepieces ever produced by Bvlgari Watches. Designed as a set with a necklace, it embodies the maison’s bold, unapologetic and sophisticated spirit. Requiring 1,650 hours to complete, the one – of – a – king platinum secret watch features a dial concealed by a cover with a phenomenal antique cushion – cut 6.3 – carat Mozambique ruby. The ruby’s intense red tone evokes the shade of an Italian sunset. A supple bracelet of baguette – cur rubies mingling with diamonds sensually wraps around wrist.


Torsade de Chaumet pays tribute to the legendary square on which the maison was the first jeweller to open in 1812. The high jewellery collection of over 20 pieces draws from the sweep of the frize wrapping the Vendome column, offering a modern and fresh interpretation of the twist (torsade in French). A captivating specimen of the dynamic motif is this white gold ring set with an oval – cut vivid red Mozambique ruby of 3.05 carats and brilliant – cut diamonds. Resembling windswept ribbons frozen in time, the piece expresses a spontaneous exuberance through precious metal and gems.


Part of the maison’s 70 – piece Escale a Venise high jewellery collection, which boasts a contemporary interpretation of Gabrielle Chanel‘s discovery of Venice, in this pair of Volute Croisiere earrings from the chapter, Gran Canale. Cascades of bezel – set red spinels and diamonds are arranged to create a striking twisted effect that echoes the distinctive red and white dialogonally striped morning poles dotting the Floating City’s canals. Adding visual contrast to the dangling yellow and white gold drop earrings are onys ring accents.


Geometric shapes, optical illusions and a play on textures underscore Sixieme Sense Par Cartier, the maison’s new high jewellery collection. Featuring a strong Art Deco aesthetic is this platinum and white gold necklace of diamonds and ruby beads punctuated by onyx. What resembles the keys of a piano is a supple fringe that is attached to the main structure by intricate metal bridges. This lends the piece its movement and suppleness, while maintaining its shape. However, the focal point of this precious jewel is a tassel of breaded rubies accentuated by a brilliant per – shaped diamond and cabochon ruby.