Cartier Announces Lily Collins As New Face Of The Clash [Un]limited Jewelry Collection

Breathing a new life into the historic jewelry house, Lily Collins has been names as the new face face of both Cartier’s Clash [Un]limited Jewelry Collection and the Double C de Cartier bag.

Like her Emily in Paris charter, Collis has always had a sharped sense of style. Throughout her career, she has always been one to grace the red carpet with a breathtaking designer look. Now, she’s bringing her talents to the brand as the latest embodiment of French elegance and luxury.

‘For me, being part of the Cartier family means joining a community of unique nonconformists who show great strength of character. Cartier is Paris, it’s this certain idea of elegance and French refinement which the Clash [Un]limited jewelry and the Double C bag embody with classic extravagance’ said the actress.

However, unlike Emily Cooper, Collins’ partnership with the brand gravitates towards a more punk – inspired style. Each piece is embellished with diamonds, onyx, and amethysts and crafted with a singularity that defines the Cartier brand. Precious stones are fashioned onto pieces as spikes, seamlessly blending rock – n – roll aesthetics with the classic charisma of Cartier.

‘When it came to expressing the duality of the Clas [Un]limited jewelry, Lily Collins was the obvious choice. Unique and committed, Lily Collis embodies a new generation of artists who dare to reveal their different sides, sometimes classic and elegant, sometimes creative, sometimes even extravagant. In summary, people who do not limit themselves’, said Arnaud Carrez, International Marketing and Communications Director at Cartier.