Prince Albert Of Monaco Expected To Visit Princess Charlene ‘In The Coming Days’ After New Surgery: Source


Prince Albert of Monaco’s wife, Princess Charlene, underwent major surgery on Friday and will soon be joined by her family in South Africa.

‘The operation went well, Princess Charlene is resting and we are thinking of her with tenderness’, said the 63-year-old, as quoted by People Magazine.

A statement from the palace revealed that the surgery required general anesthetic and lasted four hours. It is a series of ear, nose and throat procedures the 43 – year – old has undergone in recent months to address complications from a previous surgery performed last spring in Europe, the outlet noted.

The princess has experienced ongoing health woes after a sinus lift and done graft in preparation for dental implants, which were performed prior to her May arrival in South Africa, became infected.

Palace sources alleged to the outlet that Albert, along with their twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, are expected to reunite with the matriarch ‘in the coming days’. The family previously visited South Africa in early June.

Charlene recently told South Africa Radio 702’s host Mandy Wiener that she’s ‘in a waiting game’ to be alongside her family and is expected to leave the country around the end of October. The princess stressed she ‘cannot force healing’, as previously quoted by People Magazine.

‘I cannot force healing, so I will be grounded in South Africa until the end of October’, said Charlene, nothing she is due for another medical procedure.

‘I feel well, I feel good’, she added.

Still, Charlene admitted that being far away from her husband and their twins, 6, has made the ordeal more difficult.

‘This is the longest period I’ve actually been away from Europe and my children’, she said. ‘As I say, it’s just a waiting game. I cannot predict how my healing process will go. But yeah, I’m very sad I can’t be with my children during this summer in Europe’.

The princess said that while in her native country, she has kept busy with the work of her foundation, as well as becoming personally involved with rhinoceros conservation. She also rooted for her country at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

The separation between Charlene and Albert has sparked rumors of an impending split.

According to the outlet, Charlene traveled to her homeland in early May to participate in activities supporting her South Africa foundation. In late June, Charlene announced she was being forced to miss her 10th anniversary with Albert due to additional surgery required.

In mid – July, Charlene told South Africa outlet Channel 24 that she was experiencing ear, nose and throat troubles.

‘I was instructed by the doctors that I can’t fly yet because I’m unable to equalize my ears and therefore cannot fly above 20,000 feet…due to the pressure’, Charlene explained, as quoted by the outlet. ‘I miss my husband, my babies – Jacqui and Bella – and doggies terribly, [but] I can’t force a recovery of bone and membrane – it takes time’.

Still, European tabloids have insisted that the couple’s separation goes far deeper than health woes. Sources alleged to France’s Paris Match that Charlene has ‘no intention of returning’ while Germany’s Bunte claimed was house – hunting near Johannesburg.

The rumors intensified when Albert attended the Tokyo Olympics solo despite the prince being a longtime of the International Olympic Committee. Charlene is also a former Olympic swimmer.

In June, Charlene told People Magazine in a statement that she’s hopeful for the future.