Barbour Celebrates 100 Years Of Re – Waxing Jackets

This year sees heritages British brand Barbour celebrate 100 years of re – waxing its iconic jackets.

With sustainability initiatives now being boasted about by so many brands, eager to be seen in a positive light, preserving the life of a garment through re – waxing, or re-oiling as it was originally known, first appeared in Barbour’s 1921 catalogue, proving the brand

By maintaining the oil on the jacket to keep it weather resistant, it extended the longevity of the jacket ensuring that it could continue to be worn for many years.

The brainchild of Malcom Barbour, the second generation of the Barbour family, customers could either send their jackets back to the company to get the job done, or they could re – oil them at home using a tin of Beacon Oilskin Dressing.

Paul Wilkinson, Global Marketing and Commercial Director at Barbour, said: ‘For a hundred years, Barbour has been committed to sustainability and we have always offered our customers a choice in the way they re – wax their jacket – they can either re – wax their own jackets at home or return their garment to one of our customer services departments across the globe.’

Over 100,000 tins of wax are sold each year and over 60,000 jackets are returned to Barbour to be re-waxed or repaired, which demonstrates the commitment Barbour customers have to sustainability and extending the life of their products’.

In 2019, Barbour developed ‘Wax for Life’ to bring together all of Barbour’s unique wax services under one umbrella name. Together with the repair and re – wax service, that includes they upcycle programme ‘Barbour Re-Loved’, whereby customers return Barbour wax jackets that they no longer have a use for to be re – waxed, repaired and restored, ‘giving them a new lease of life to be re – loved in a new home for many more years to come’.

Wax for Life stations have also been opened in Selfridges in both London and Birmingham and will continue to be rolled out further globally throughout the rest of this year, with station to be set up in Nordstrom and Orvis in the US and Hirmer in Germany, where customers can take their jackets to be re-waxed.