London – Based Emirati Label Qasimi Re – Issues ‘Don’t Shoot T-Shirt For Charity

Emirati menswear label Qasimi is re – issuing its signature ‘Don’t Shot’ T-Shirt in a charitable effort to raise funds for Lebanon via humanitarian organization Save the Kids International.

During the months of August and September, the brand has pledged that all proceeds from online sales of the shirts will be donated to the charity organization.

The ‘Don’t Shoot’ T-Shirt is a semi – replica of one originally worn by journalists in Lebanon during the 1982 war.

Journalists were given a white shirt bearing the text ‘Don’t Shoot’ in English, French and Arabic in bright red lettering to make journalists easier to identify, offering protection.

It’s not the first time the T-shirt has been used to raise money for the Lebanese cause. Following the deadly port explosion in Beirut on Aug.4, 2020, the Emirati label pledged all proceeds from the item would go to the Lebanese red cross.

The cotton garment was first released in London – based brand’s Fall 2017 collection.

In 2019, Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia’s Spring 2020 collection for Vetments garnered attention in the Arab world for featuring the same T-shirt in its offering, with many critiquing the brand for seeming to appropriate the issues raised by the conflict.

Qasimi was founded by the late Khalid Al – Qasimi in 2015.

The brand is now spearheaded by his twin sister Hoor Al – Qasimi, who took over the reins following his death at the age of 39 in London in July 2019.