Salvatore Ferragamo Launches New Fall / Winter 2021 Campaign By Wim Wenders

Amids film sets, Wim Wenders imagine a futuristic love story for Salvatore Ferragamo’s new campaign.

Conceptually futuristic, Salvatore Ferragamo’s new Autumn/Winter Collection couldn’t be better represented than by eyes and creative mind of Wim Wenders, a romantic tale amidst structured lines of flawless modelling and Milan’s modernist buildings.

‘Developing a positively energetic story within the framework of a futuristic setting is a challenge at a time when the future is often regarded as bleak and dystopian. But sometimes when the cards are stacked against you and you have to fight many obstacles, the result can achieve an extra aura of beauty. This was definitely the case in our Ferragamo footage. Not only did the sun break through Milan’s grey skies so that futuristic locations could show their best potential, but also out two young stars were luminous and enchanting. Above all, the collection, when it was finally unveiled and used by the actors, was more radiant and spectacular than in our wildest dreams. All we had to do as a films crew capture that sudden burst of golorious beauty before us’, said Wenders.

In search of future with design excellence, the brand invests in thingking ahead of its time, where it promises through simple lines and extravagant details to make it timeless, where this imaginary future becomes not so dystopian, we are lightly led to unique details in preciosims worthy of science fiction films, never leaving aside the legacy of its creator Salvatore Ferragamo, the heritage continues to be present in several tributes.