Inside Dubai’s One – Of – A – Kind Digital Art Gallery

Described as the biggest and most advanced digital art gallery in the GCC, Infinity des Lumieres, is set to immerse art fans in the incredible works by renowned artists at The Dubai Mall.

The digital art gallery allows visitors to wander through digital displays of famous artworks, bring to life iconic and contemporary art through an impressive 130 projectors, no less than 58 speakers and an incredible 3,000 HD digital moving images. The jewel in this digital art gallery’s crown is a 200 square metre art projection – the largest of its kind in The Dubai Mall.

The ground – breaking concept covers a vast 2,700 sqm space at The Dubai Mall, is a collaboration between UAE – based InifinityArt and France’s Cluturespaces Digital, specialists in immersive sound and art shows.

Multi – sensory journeys through each exhibition will see artworks reimagined into digitally animated displays of light, colour, sound, movement and rhythm.

Frim July 1 visitors will be able to experience three exhibitions: Van Gigh, Dreamed Japan and Verse. At Van Gigh, embark on a journey of evolution through the artist’s most renowned works, from The Potato Eaters (1885), Sunfliwers (1881), and Staryy Night (1889), to Bedroom at Arles (1889), presented through a fusion of light, movement and sound. Dreamed Japan takes guests into a virtual reality world, where the poetically beautiful era of the 19th century Japan floats anround visitors, blending seamlessly Hokusai’s portraits with enchanting landscapes and marvels of the sea.

The third exhibition in the trio, Verse is an exhibition designed for immersive art spaces. Sel – described as a sensorial delight, Verse’s whirling extravaganza of images showcase the magical beauty of the cosmos, amplified by the harmonies of an orchestral piece composed with Jonathan Fitas.