Mavroki Launches Limited Edition Diamond Fragrance Collection

Luxury French perfume house, Mavroki celebrates the success of Daz and Mien Out eau de parfums with the launch of its Limited Edition Diamond Collection, one of the most expensive curation of perfume in the world. Capitalising on the founding group Kane & Ashley’s speciality in fine diamonds the collection pays tribute to its heritage. Mavroki unites the artistic craftmanship of jewellery and perfumery to create one – of – a kind masterpieces that tell tale of the perfume houses’ olfactory narratives with its mission to offer elegance and perfection through its prestigious and royal collections of scents.

Rooted in its French heritage, the perfume capital of the world, each scent housed within the collection is a celebration of femininity – timeless elegant, precious and with grace. Every diamond has been sourced and cut in Belgium and placed on hand – blow glass. Characterised by intricate 970 full cut VVS diamonds in GH colour, totalling a brilliant 12 carats, the art of the curation is the play of lines and shading crowned by the glimmering stopper, a perfume fit for a queen.

The vision of Founder Mustafa Alasali remains unwavringly committed to quality, perfection and elegance. When describing his inspiration, he explains ‘Imagine a perfume so radiant it sparkles from its olfactory narrative to its diamond – encrusted flacon, it is the essence of a woman, each brilliant diamond has been hand cut and placed as a unique, exquisite, one a kind masterpiece on the strikingly modern reinvention of the iconic glass Art Deco Mavroki bottle’, said Alasali.

‘An exclusive historical collection has been born, capturing the essence of inspiring women through the union of art, jewellery and perfume. Meet the icons, the modern yet tradition – infused curation of olfactory masterpieces: Mien Oud, an extravagant olfactory that pays homage to the richness and elegance of out, one of the most sought after ingredients in the region, Daz, a heady and enchanting floral fragrance, Lurem, a seductive and warm olfactory and Olentia, a lustrous bouquet celebrating feminity’, Alasali continues.

Encapsulating these luxurious fragrances, the aquae, forest green, radiant red and jet black glass bottles shaped in the curves of a woman are an artistic display of impeccable craftmanship and inspired fragrance design for the connoisseurs of lucury with an appreciation for the blend of heritage, modernity and art.

With timeless elegance and breathtaking beauty at the forefront of every creation, Mavroki continues to be applauded amongst fragrance connoisseurs in the region, credited to the quality of the brand’s products, but also due to its sophisticated range of regionally focused fragrances within the collection.