Kayne West Sues Walmart For Selling Yezzy Knockoffs

On Thursday, Kayne West fied a lawsuit against Walmart, alleging that the retail giant is knocking off one of his latest shoe designs, the Yezzy Foam Runners. According to documents obtained by TMZ, West’s team field the lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court, citing California’s Unfair Competition Law, which prohibits deceptive business practices. The lawsuit hoes on to claim that Walmart could cost the billionaire rapper ‘hundreds of mullions of dollars’ in sales as the cheaper versions are easily confused with the genuine Foam Runners.

‘Consumers are purchasing the imitation Yeezy Foam Runner footwear from Walmart on the mistaken belief that the shoes are associated with West and the Yeezy brand’, the filing states.

The shoes in guestion can only be found on Walmart’s website, although most have been taken down since the news of West’s lawsuit broke, coming up as ‘unavailable’ or on ‘backorder’ when searched. And while Walmart’s Daeful Mens Womens Kids Summer Beach Foam Runner Anti Slipper Sandals Casual offers different colors than the Yeezy shoes released in the collaboration with Adidas, the similiarity of the design including the shape and teardrop cutouts along the shoe – is nearly identical.

The real Yezzy Foam Runners were introduced in June 2020 and the $75 shoes sold out after immediately their release. Their resale value – which is where the real maney is made – ranges from $250 to $800. (An original pair of Nike Air Yeezy 1 sneakers worn by West at the 2008 Grammy Awards set a record at auction in April selling for a staggering $1.8 million). The knockoof pair, by contrast were listed for $35 to $35 on Walmart’s website.

This suit is not the first time the two brands have stepped on each other’s toes. In April, Walmart claimed the West’s idea of the new Yeezy logo looked too similar to the ‘rays from a sun’ logo Walmart has been using since 2007 and the world’s largest retailer filed a claim with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office alleging that its customers might get confused. Walmart’s sun logo features six solid lines emanating drom a circle while the Yezzy logo is comprised of 8 dotted lines emanating from a circle.

Walmart claimed that the yessy logo application should be blocked because the company has been using this design for the past 14 years. However, some experts though that Walmart was reaching in its attempt to block the logo application given that the company is a mass – market retailer and Yeezy is considered an upscale brand.