Idris And Sabrina Elba Just Launched A Meaningful Collection With Christian Louboutin

Celebrity fashion collaborations are really nothing new. But a celebrity fashion collaboration that comes with a powerful message and donates 100% of perceeds to charity? Well, that’s certainly something special and newsworthy.

That’s the actual story behin Indris and Sabrina Elba’s new Chsristian Louboutin collection, Walk a Mile in My Shoes. According to a press release from the brand, after seeing the couple engage in important online conversions last year, speaking out about privilege, systematic injustice, and racism, the designer himself – a friend of the Elbas – reached out to them. Together, they came up with with an idea for the collections as a way to raise awareness about these issues and ‘champion organizations who are already creating an unbelievable difference to those within their communities’.

Aside from all proceeds benefitting five difference grassroots organizations across three continents – Immediate Theater, Be Rose International Foundation, Purposeful, Somali Hope Foundation, and Gathering for Justice – which work on various causes from access to the arts to ending child incarceration, the designs come with meaning. For starters, the name ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes‘ is inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and, according to the iconic shoe brand, is ‘a call to action’ asking people to support ‘the victims of police brutality and racial injustice in the United States, small farmers and their children in Somalia, disconnected underserved youth in England, and orphaned children and young girls in Sierra Leone’.

The collection, which comes in two chapters, also features designs, that include the plant Strelitzia reginae, aka ‘Mandela’s Gold‘, which symbolizes empathy, hope, and freedom.

The full Christian x Elba Walk a Mile in My Shoes collection is available to shop now on, where can chose from sneakers, heels, gags, and more. Whilre prices range from the high hundreds to the low thousands, the pieces are more than just beautiful investment pieces – are more than just beautiful investment pieces – they’re heling to make the world’s a better place with each purchase.