Kim Kardashian Sayd That Her Family Isn’t Guilty Of Promoting Unattainable Beauty Standards

Kim Kardashian is denying that she or anyone in her family is responsible for promoting the unrealistic beauty standards and body ideals that consume so many women tofay.

For People, the second part of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion special on Sunday tackled the above issues. Referring to how Kim and the rest of her sister post a consistent stream of high – glam shoots and sexy swimsuit picts that falunt their tiny waist, defined abs, and voluptuous curves, for their hundreds of millions of followers, host Andy Chohen asked the crew outright if they feel responsible for promoting a certain unattainable standard of beauty to the public.

‘No, I don’t’, Kim said. ‘Because I think we get up, we do the work. We work out’.

It’s true, the Kardashian – Jenner clan regularly shares their rigorous workouts and overall health routines – including the likes of top – rated personal trainers, at – home regormer Pilates studios, and private nutritionists and personal chefs – on their social media account. However, it’s also no secret that their dedication to their fitness and beauty routines also aligns with their social status.

Kim’s younger half – sister Kendall Jenner chimed in, expressing that she believes their family promotes the concept of overall ‘health’ and that hopefully that is what the public takes away from their social media presence.

‘We all really enjoy taking care of ourselves and being healthy, so I think if anything, the only thing we’re really trying to represent is just being the most healthy versions of yourself’, Kendall added.

‘Health’ through the eyes of the Jenners and Kardashians, however, is infinitely easier to obtain when one has a multimillionaire’s bank account, and the amount of funds matching their determination in obtaining the dream body. Since the Kardashian – Jenner household altogether is worth a whoping $2 billion, their rigorous worjout routines and chef – curated meal plans are just another day in the lief – a life that’s so far away from reality for the average woman.