For Everyday Elegance, Look No Furter Than Bvlgari’s New Fiorever Jewelry Collection

Bvlgari has launched its new 2021 Fiorever Jewelry Collection inspired by the Italian luxury jeweler’s favorite muse and birthplace, Rome. The range captures the magic and romance of the Eternal City in sparkling creations.

For flower has been recovered by Romans as an emblem of joy, spontaneity, and passion for generations on end, blooming across the city’s cultural landmarks. With the name combining thw words ‘forever’ and ‘fiore’, meaning flower in Italian, the collection celebrates the timelessness of this natural symbol, taking shape from the striking volumes, bold lines, and spectacular diamonds characteristic of Bvlgari, and convering into a distinctive four – petalled corolla.

Defined by the convenience and multi – functionality of convertible jewelry, the parure is shophisticated yet easy to wear. The pave – set necklace, featuring more than six carats of diamonds, is finished with a tiny flower – shaped closure, while its pendant holding a brilliant – cut diamond can be styled into a brooch. The white gold earrings with single – row diamond cascades, falling from the iconic flower motif, can turn into versatile four – petale stud earrings by simply detaching the pendant elements.

Also in the collection is a dazzling white gold and diamond bracelet, designed to offer comfort with its new, practical closure that disappears within the flower embellishing the piece. Single flower pendants in rose or white gold display a light openwork design while the ring features diamond gathered into a breathtaking bloom and cut to fit the tilting petals. The unprecedented enveloping design includes a magnificent flower at one end, and a pteal finishes the other side of the spiral ring as if blown away by the wind.

There are also three new pendants which infuse the flowe with colors from rare gemstones. The diamond petals contain a vibrant sapphire or emerald in the white gold version and a central ruby in the rose gold version.