Bottega Veneta Unveils Issue 02 Starring Naomi Campbell, Travis Scott, David LaChapelle And Others

The Italian fashion house decided to forego social media earlier this year, opting to showcase its digital work in the form of an online journal.

As a continuation of minimising its social presence Bottega Veneta has just unveiled ‘Issue 02’, the secong edition of its new quarterly digital journal, sharing a glimpse inside the world director Daniel Lee.

Lee’s strategy to debut the series of photographs, short film clips and gifts within format ensures a more authentic connection with fans of the brand, while stepping away from the ‘fast consumption’ of content we’re used to.

The Italian fashion brand first experimented with the concept back in April 2021, shortly after it deleted its Instagram and scaled back its presence across various social media platforms.

‘Issue 02’ is presented through a stylized virtual look book, clearly inspired by noughties aesthetics and the pre – fashion influencer era, where blogging platforms like Livejournal and Xanga reigned supreme. Starring the likes of Travis Scott, Naomi Campbell, Carlijn Jacobs, Nina Zetao and Smash Stunts, and shot by David Lachapelle, the virtual flipbook – complete with signature colours and texture – giving fans of the brand a closer look at hsi season’s key pieces.