MAGNIFICA 2021 High Jewelry And High – End Watches Collection

The new MAGNIFICA 2021 High Jewelry and High – End Watches Collection is at the pinnacle of excellence and beauty.

Sapphire Petal Necklace

Bvlgari unveils in Milan the most extraordinary combination ever of superlative gems, unrivaled craftmanship, and bold design. The new MAGNIFICA 2021 High Jewelry and High – End Watches Collection is at the pinnacle of excellence and beauty.

Imperial Spinel

Spreading a message of joy, creativity, and artistic perfection, Bvlgari unveils its latest High Jewelry and High – End Watches Collection, with a two – day event, staged for the first time in the Italian capital of luxury and fashion, Milan. Bvlgari has decided to pay a tribute to Milan also for its courage in fighting and winning the worst COVID-19 pandemic toll of Europe, working closely with the City Council to deliver a strong and beautiful message of hope and determination for the future.

With the new Magnifica Collection, Bvlgari reaches new pinnacles of its high jewelry mastery and creativity, presenting an extraordinary selection of 350 masterpieces of High Jewelry and watches. Counting over 60 millionaire designs, Magnifica is the most precious high jewelry collection that Bvlgari ever created, worth hundreds of millions of euros and hundreds of thousands of hours of patient craftsmanship. The collection writes an ode to the most precious and rarest gems, that the Roman jeweler discovers around the world.

They spand fron an incredible 131.24 carats spinel, the fourth in the world by carat weight and the most beautiful in terms of quality, to five marvelous oval cushion – cut Paraiba tourmalines, the rarest gems in the world, totally weighting about 500 carats, exuding a refreshing sense of purity.

Mediteranean Queen

These gifts of nature are glorified by the incredible craftsmanship of the Bvlgari artisans working from Bvlgari High Jewelry laboratory in Roma. With their skilled, intelligent hands, they transform creative ideas and bidimensional sketches into amazing three – dimensional high jewelry artworks that in some cases required up to 2,500 hours of handwork to be completed. Indeed, without computer support, they dimensions and craft every single component to create a perfect one – of – a – kind splendid examples of ultimate lightness and suppleness break new ground in terms of versatility and transformability.