Adidas Takes Important Women’s Initiatives For Saudi Women

Empowering and celebrating women in the region has long been a fundamental issue for Adidas, as the brand has taken initiatives that make women get the necessary attention in sporting events and debates. Through this announcement, Adidas aims to support Saudi Arabia’s efforts as part of Vision 2030 to empower and create opportunities for women in the region. This partnership prepresents an important historic step, as this team plays a vital role in encouraging the next generation of female footballers in the Kingdom.

Adidas Middle East and North Africa has unveiled its first sponsorship of the Challenge Team, the winner of Saudi Arabia’s first women’s footbal tournament. This big step is directly in line with the brand’s recent developments in its long – term brand appraoch to ‘Impossible is Nothing’. In an effort to support regional and local sports activities, as well as commitment to supporting women’s participation in sport events, Adidas believes in revolutionary optimism rooted in the power of sport to change lifestyles,

‘We are proud to be the first women’s football team to receive Adidas sponsorship in Saudi Arabia’, said Ruh Al – Arfaj, coach and CEO of the Riyadh – based team. Since the first women’s football league was held in the Kingdom in 2020, we have seen the Challenge Team receive attention and hope to inspire firls and women in the kingdom and beyond to continue their passion’.

Hanim al – Ammari, a midfielder for the Challenge Team, said: ‘I joined the Challenge Team family in 2018 and am honored to be part of the team’s continued achievements and ambition to succed. We have seen the Challenge Football Team gain a radical impact since the first women’s football league was established in Saudi Arabia in 2020, and we hope to inspire girls and women in Saudi Arabia and abroad to continue their passion. Special thanks to Adidas for supporting our goals and trusting our vision’.