Maison Valentino Opens Two Stores At Bergdorf Goodman

The Italian House has chosen during the pandemic to expand its product offering with two new stores in New York, both are at Bergdorf Goodman. The two stores are dedicated to their ready – to – wear and their Valentino Garavani handbag collections.

The choice for opening these stores at Bergdorf Goodman is due to the history and reputation of the department store. It has been a landmark in New York since 1901 and leader of fashion, and a global pinnacle of style. ‘Valentino is the Italian Maison de Couture and a true reference point for luxury Made in Italy on the international scene’, notes the House in a statement.

Bergorf Goodman has entered into another level in their relationship with Maison Valentino. For this launch the department store will feature a four – week window takeover of the Valentino Roman Palazzo collection, and the Valentino Garavani Rockstud Alcove bags.

The 58th Street entrance of the Valentino store carries the Garavani handbag collection and is the same architectural concept as Bergdorf Goodman, including ivory silk fabric in the niches and brass enclosed Florence marble shelving.

The ready – to – wear 728 square foot store will include walnut floring finished with a kilim quality black and ivory rug – and ivory silk wall panels. Adding to the luxurious atmosphere are the vintage showcases and French glass and bronze coffee tables. The sensuality and feminine touches add an aesthetic to the store that makes for a unique shopping experience.