Lebanese Designer Hussein Bazaza’s New Collection Explores Predation In Human Lives

Lebanese designer Hussein Bazaza has unveiled his powerful new collection exploring the relation between social human behavior and predation. Through the aptly named collection Predation, Bazaza weaves a story of the dynamic between a predator dominating its prey, the aspects of which are present in all of our lives, such as our relationships, careers, cultures, and more.

Far from the expected, the collection is brought into existence to ‘break all fashion rules and stomp societal standards’, and does not conform in typical seasonal trends. The seasonless collection grows and evolves from its first look to its grand finale through different stages, or better yet, labels, each tagged under a ‘specific unconventional topic’.

In a mind – bending 210 – second video production featuring a fascinatingly eery basement hideout with flashing fluorescent lights, a mysterious model sports some of the Beirut – born artist’s pret  – a – porter pieces from the thirty – strong collection. Savage and untamed, she struts around within hypnotically repetitive short clips in hot pink, neon lime and hot red colors popping out in  a sea of black and nude. Inspired by ‘the hypocrisy in today’s world’, a tale of human predators and prey comes to show, as the short film directed by Samir Seriani takes you on a turbulent mental journey exploring everything you have ever been ‘silenced from saying’ or even thinking of.

Adapting the mighty force of nature, animal and floral patterns have an impactful and vigorous presence in every piece of collection. Each composition is tailored in diverse fabrics, be it mesh, wool, leather, tulle, or intricate lace. Contrasting gowns gathered in long shimmering beads exude sensuality, accompanied by various eye – catching accessories and three unique bags, spoiling you for choice.

The stunning collectiion fully embraces Bazaza’s ravishing signature sartorial style and mood – lifting color blocking techniques, geometric cuts and the designer’s admitted personal favorite: lace collages. The brand’s experimental introduction of three – dimensional embossed petal – like motifs turbocharges the new line, with touches of the branded logo touches along each piece.