Saudi Arabia’s AlUla Signs Deal For Hollywood Film Production

Saudi Arabia is attracting international film producers to shoot at some of its most scenic locations and has recenty signed a new deal with a Hollywood prodction to shoot in AlUla.

The full deal if the latest production have yet to be announced.

While even cinema screenings had traditionally been forbidden in the Kingdom, reforms in recent years have opened up Saudi Arabia’s entertainment industry.
Hollywood directors Anthony and Joe Russo, who directed Marvel’s Avenger series, used AlUla and Riyadh as backdrops for their March 2021 Apple TV flick ‘Cherry’.
Many more local project are also emerging in the country’s burgeoning film sector.
‘Bayn al – Rimal (Between the Sand)’ by Muhammad al – Atawi, and ‘Noura’ by Ta Tawifw al – Zaidi will be filmed in AlUla.

AlUla boasts a diverse natural landscape including 22,500 kilometers of sandstone valley, villages, farms, and historical sites denoning the region’s 200,000 years of human history.

The country’s Film Commission was establish within 11 cultural commission in February 2020 and is responsible for developing and supporting the film sector in the Kindom.

Film AlUla provides a package of services to attract international filmmakers including experts to help facilitate production, issuing visas, security transportation and accommodation, and granting permits.