Yasmine Sabri Is The Face Of The New Panthere De Cartier Jewelry Collection

Egyptian actor Yasmine Sabri is the first Middle Eastern ambassador for the French luxury jewelry house Cartier and is starring in their new Panthere de Cartier collection’s global brand campaign. Showcasing pieces inspired by the fierce spirit and quiet strength of the feline, the campaign marks another step is Sabri’s impressive track record of representing Arab women in coveted brands only within a few years of starting her career in 2013.

The 32 – year – old dark – haired beauty dons a bold red silk maxi dress, gazing on against an azure blue sky and spoting the new centerpiece of the La Panthere collection, the panthere – head bracelet. Hugging Sabri’s wrist like a second skin, it is embodied by a sparkling bangle made of curved gold, stemming from the diamond – paved head of a sculptural panthere embellished with emerald or tsavorite garnet eyes. With is clean lines and essential, simple design, the bracelet’s gleam emerges from Cartier’s skillful craftmanship and gold alloys.

As stunning as this flexible and everyday – wear piece of jewlery looks on Sabri’s wrist, it’l look just as special on yours too, and makes for a perfect personalized gift with customizable engraved message, initials, or a date on the inside of the bracelet.

The global film campaign, the brainchild of German filmmaker Jonas Lindstroem, also features fellow brand ambassadors, such as British actors Ella Balinska and Annabelle Wallis, and Italian model Mariacarla Boscono. In the clip, the four women are seen strutting though stunning urban landscapes, such as Parisian rooftop and the famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Taiwanese actor Chang Chen and singer Karen Mok are also involved in the brand’s film campaigns, championing diversity. The ambassadors all have je ne sais quoi emblematic of Chartier’s ferocious yet feminine style.