Kate Winslet Is Looking For ‘More Me Time’ After More Of Easttown

Fresh off her hit HBO show, More of Easttown, actress Kate Winslet has just been named the new face of iconic beauty brand L’Oreal Paris, joining the likes of Viola Davis, Eva Longoria and Gemma Chan. Never one to shy away from tough conversations around the pressures women face in Hollywod, Winslet chat with us all about beauty, self – worth, and still needs to change 23 years after she first became a pop culture penomenon.

How does it feel to be the new face of L’Oreal?

It feels really timely for me, because what I’ve been saying a lot in the last kind of six months is that this decade coming up, it feels like there’s a huge shift amongst women. We’re using our voices in different ways. More importantly than anything else, I think that sense of siterhood and women coming together, not judging each other, learning how to openly compliment one another, and really standing up for one another – that’s damaged. For me to be part of L’Oreal, knowing that these things are important to me, and knowing that they’ve always been very important to them, it just feels fantastic. to joim thins long line of incredible women who have such important things to say, it feels great, It really feels very empowering. I’m honored,

How has your perspective on beauty shifted or changed in the last year?

What’s been so nice is that we’ve all been unified in out joy of not having to put makeup on and not make so much of an effort. I’ve actually enjoyed really not wearing makeup, and certainly wearing less of it. It’s time that is better used doing, frankly, other things. A lot of kinf of pomp and cirumstance comes hand in hand sometimes with hair and makeup, and actually just with hair and makeup, and actually just being your truthful, authentic, fresh self – it just feels nicer. If there’s anything that has shifted for me in the last year, it’s that we can go easier on ourselves. We can just relaz a littl ebit. I think we scrutinize ourselves a lot. Just not looking in the mirror quite so much had been really relaxing.

Does that you have been paying more attention to skincare?

Well, I definitely think I’ve notices changes in mu skin, probably more than I ever would have before. Like the skin on my neck is looking different these days. I definitely have some little spot areas that I kind of wish weren’t there, so upping to SPF factor is definitely happening. Skincare has become more of a big deal, Making sure I really moisturize, because that’s hard when you’re not going out so much and not getting as much lovely fresh air on your skin. You can get really dry!

How has your idea of self – worth changed over the course of your carrer?

Think about that phrase: because I’m worth it, because we’re worth it, because you’re worth it. It’s really kind of a remarkable thing to feel. What’s so great about L’Oreal is that they give us all permission to say that. And for me, being ‘worth it’ means I’ve lived my life. I’ve got the marks and the scars and the flaws and the imperfections, but that I haven’t come out the other side a more sincere human. I’m more confident with who I am and the imperfections, but that doesn;t mean that I haven’t come out the other side a more sincere human. I’m more confident with who I am and more fully rounded as a person, as a woman.

So for me, being ‘worth it’ feels that I’m standing together with people and heloing one another to feel stronger as a team. My life experience had gooten me to where I am now. I do feel proud. We don’t pat ourselves on the back enough as women. That’s a lovely thing to be able to say.

What’s a beauty look that makes you feel powerful?

When my skin is behaving – which, at the moment, it is, thank God – just a really clean face, you knwo, sharp jaw. A good coat of mascara, a sculpted eye, and a fat red lip. To me that’s like, ‘Don’t mess with me’. Because you have to feel confident enough to be able to pull off a red lip, I think. So for me, if I’m wearing a red lip, I’m like, ‘Here I am people.’

You’ve been really outspoken about the pressures of body image in Hollywood. Do you feel like we’ve made progress? What still needs to change?

I think that we have made progress. I do think it’s getting better. If you look at a show like More of Easttown, that I’m in at the moment, one of the things I feel proud about is that every single cast member has a totally normal , non – Hollywood physique. And I just love that. Because it just doesn’t make sense to me, and never had made sense, that to be succesful in Hollywood, you have to be unconventional, sort of an impossibly small shape. I do think that women’s body shapes are being commented on less than they used to be. But still, how a woman looks physically on a red carpet is still commented on more than the male counterpart. We still don’t talk about men at all. They could be fat, they could ne thin, they could be buff, they could be flabby, and we still don’t talk about them.

So I do think there’s a ways to go. But it’s definitely a lot better than it used to be. Whereas years ago, the press always given carte blanche to just criticize young actress in ways that I think they should be really held accountable for now. That can seriously damage an individual’s mental health.