Ariana Grande’s Rumored Beauty Brand Name Has Been Revealed

In a big year for Ariana Grande, following her short and sweet engagement and private wedding to Dalton Gomez, the ponytailed singer has quietly field a trademark request for a beauty brand. If approved, Grande can launch skin and body care products under the brand name ‘God is a Woman’.

Named for her 2018 Grammy – nomined song, the God is a Woman trademark covers skincare, body care mousse, mists, souffles, perfumes, shower gels, and bath gels’. With the God is a Woman music video featuring the singer floating in dreamy sirls of pastel paints and intergalactic imagery, fans may already have a clue to what the brand’s theme could look like. Grande has previously launched her own succesful fragrance collection, now numbering at eight releases, but the God is a Woman beauty brand is her first foray into skincare.

Grande joined a crowd of celebrities launching their own beauty and skincare brands, with the trademark filing often first noticed by eagle – eyed fans. Last month, Harry Styles registered Pleased As Holdings for future retail of perfume and cosmetics. Model Hailey Beiber has field a trademark on her middle name, Rhode, also with the intention to operate as a beauty brand. Earlier in 2021, singer Halsey launched her makeup brand, About Face, while Selena Gomez has announced the expansion of Rare Beauty to the Middle East this summer.