Kuwaiti Label Marzook And Lebanese Product Designer Nada Debs Collaborate On a Celestial Bag Collection

Levantine product designer Nada Debs has teamed up with Kuwaiti accessories brand Marzook for a collaboration inspired by the cosmic world. Looking to the orbit of Saturn, Venus, and Mars, these movement patterns are transferred to spherical pieces of FSC – certified oak and walnut wood. Accented with brass, the psychedelic patterns and unconventional shapes are grounded in noble materials closest to home. All the pieces are produced regionally in support of Middle Eastern artisans.

We caught up with Shouq and Fahad Al Marzouq, the sibling designer due behind the label to find out more about the collection launching today.

How did the collaboration with Nada Debs come to be?

Fahad: We met by coincidence in Beirut and have always been inspired by Nada’s woodwork and craftsmanship. Shuoq and I though it would be a unique collaboration focusing on the impact we had as a brand on the envitonment, by using FSC – certified wood to ensure minimum negative impact. We also loved the idea of working with Middle Eastern artisans. We met and instantly clicked and knew the direction of the collection and are extremely happy with the results.

What was it like creating the pieces out of wood for the first time?

Fahad: It was different. We usually use plexiglass and even had a collection made with leather and intricate fabrics like tulle but never wood. The way wood curves is so inspiring, and working with the craftsmanship was a very educational experiences.

Shouq: Moving forward with our brand we are going to be working a lot more with natural materials. Creating a full collection of eco – friendly forest wood is a big step in the right direction to help raise awareness about the environment.

What Abut Saturn, Venus, and Mars inspired you to create this collection?

Fahad: We were watching a documentary about the Hubble Telescope during the lockdown when I was feeling very uninspited. I keep telling Shouq that it’s strange that I haven’t been inspited in such a long time (since the onset of Covid-19), as I usually find it when I travel, however, she told me to find it within myself. The moment we watched the documentary, I was engulfed in mysterious world which we do not know much about. The vastness of the galazy, and how dangerous and dark it is out there made me feel something again.

Shouq: This pandemic has made us all feel small in a world where we have no control. Looking outward into the universe, contemplating if another life exists, these were the thoughts we had during difficult times. This celestial feeling of ‘the world is bigger than us’, was the inspiration behind this collection. Looking outward to heal what’s within while not fully understanding how to deal with everything, yet finding solace in knowing we are a small tiny blue dot in this world and have no control over what happens to us.

Fahad: The inspiration came from all the planets not just specifically these three, but as the design process started, the orbs slowly morphed into Saturn, Venus, and Mars and their characteristics. Based on the geocentric theory, each of these planets orbit around the earth creating a unique pattern in space. These movement patterns were later developed into geometric patterns applied to spherical pieces of wood.

Shouq: Through the intricate crafts of tin – inlay and wood carving applied on solid oak and walnut wood, Marzook’s signature orbs are transformed into revolving planets. The collection is grounded to the earth through the use of noble materials such as solid wood and brass and travels into space with its psychedelic patterns and unconventional shapes.

Why was it important to produce the collection locally?

Fahad: Marzook and Nada Debs are both Middle Eastern luxury brand, and we strive to show the world Middle Eastern craftsmanship. This is very close to both our hearts, and with out support, we can keep this art around for a long time.

Shouq: This collaboration took a long time to develop, due to the challenging material we needed to work with (wood doesn’t bend easily). We put a lot of our love and inspiration into this collection and we hope this resonates with our clients to see how special this ‘celestial’ collection is.