Amouage’s Two New Release Are The Ultimate Fragrances For A Joyful Summer

With the onset of summer comes two new fragrance launches from Omani perfumery Amouage. Named Boundless and Material, the  fragrances are inspired by ‘humankind’s awakening to the novelty of pure existence’, and the simple joys of life. A masterclass in immersive storytelling, the duo of scents each capture an intringuing narrative and unloking a deeper understanding of just what it means to be completely unbound. Using a juxtaposition of wild and raw ingredients, the two new releases have been honed to a pute and euphoric celebration of liberation and life, both a bright flicker and slow burn of tangible memories and unlocked fantasy.

The scents are brought to life by noses Karine Vinchon – Spehner and Cecile Zarokian under the creative direction of Renaud Salmon, who aims to evoke the memories of happier times. ‘Boundless and Material are traditional woody – spice – ambery creations, reminiscent of early personal olfactive memories of a time when the apparent lightness of life brought us simple pleasures that shaped our happiness’, explains Salmon.

For Boundless, Vinchon  – Spehner drew inspiration from nature. The idea of golden sunrays shining on a dense jungle with various woods has resulted in an exciting fragrance. Cinnamon lead and blood orange lend the fragrance  a stark contrast of spicy and sweet, while warm vanilla extract and zingy papyrus oil take over the heart and base. ‘When I created Boundless, I wanted to play with the idea of a ‘golden wood’, and a gateway to a dense jungle where wood essences of all kinds can be perceived’, says the perfumer. ‘I used the raw aspect of vetiver roots, the smoky effects of guaiacwood, and the earthy tones of patchouli, supported by oak moss. I represented the reflection of sunray piercing through the branches with natural materials evoking light and the golden color, such as vanilla, cardamom, and ginger or balsams: frankincense, benzoin, labdanum, and myrrh’, she adds.

At the core of Amouage’s second release, Material, is humble vanilla transformed into a multifaced note by Zorakian. Referred to as ‘vanilla untamed and unleashed’, Material is  a comforting yet invigorating scent owing to the duality of the scent’s star ingredient.

‘Material is all about vanilla absolute, one of the most emblematic natural substances used in perfumery’, shares Zarokian. ‘The heart of the creation shines through precious balsams: benzoin, frankincense, and labdanum. Finally, the scent delves deeper into a dark forest of thousands of woods, where shapes and colors become blurred’.

Both fragrances are bottled in packages created by British designer Bill Radzinowicz, who was inspired by ‘rainbow – barked tress’, while the color palette of the bottle was curated by French art director Jerome Faillant – Dumas. The fragrances’ sophisticated and deep imagery was gracefully captured through the eye of Belgian artist, Louise Mertes who paired with the Swedish – Belgian design duo, Studio Corkinho.