WELLNESS | 8 Health And Wellness Tips

Embrace Circadian Rhythms By Waking Up Earlier And Going To Sleep Earlier

According to Ayurvda, waking up early (ideally between 4 A.M. and 6 A.M.) is one of the best ways to curb negative thinking in order to connect with nature and increase the quality of your Sattva (mental clarity and positivity). The ancient sages of the Yogic and Ayurvedic traditions regard the early morning as a spiritually charged time, which is why it’s the most auspicious for meditating, contemplating, practicing yoga and breathing exercises.

Awaking early also strengthens  your ability to fall asleep earlier at night (ideally by 10 P.M) and improves your sleep quality. And if you really want to sleep like a baby, says experts, make spiced milk your new nightcap. Spiced milk is an Ayurvedic drink that naturally helps you doze off, while the easy recipe offers others health benefits.

Incorporate More Warm, Cooked And Gently – Oiled Foods In Your Meals

Ayurveda compares your digestive capacity to a physical fire. We learn in physics that heat expands, while cold contracts. Ayurveda envisions your body as a series of channels or pathways, which are responsible for transporting and circulating nutrients and for elimination. ‘This is not the most glamorous topic but it’s an absolutely critical and an overlooked aspect of health and wellness”. ‘Eating warm, cooked foods in natural cooking oil ensures these channels remain open and flowing, serving to kindle you digestive fire’.

Strike A Power Pose

Yoga and Ayurved are sister sciences of healthy living. So it only makes sense for the Reemerge course to tap both schools of wisdom. Here are a two simple poses that go a long way for wellness:

  1. Sit in Thunderbolt Pose after meals to support digestion and counterbalance hyperacidity, and indigestion.
  2. Get in Cobra Pose to awaken your body and channel the strength to thriven through a challenging day.

Give Yourself An Oil Massage

According to ancient Ayuryedic test, oiling your body with body warm coconut oil (for warm seasons) or sesame oil (for cold season) reduces pain, wards off exhaustion, nourishes your body and equips you with longevity, good sleep and healthy skin.

‘I’ve been giving myself an oil massage made from sustainably sourced and wildcrafted botanicals’, says Anata Ajmera, director of Ayurveda at The Well. ‘It’s similar to when leather is exposed to wear and tear that comes with use, it falls apart; but if you apply oil to the same piece of leather, it becomes stronger’. Same for your joints, hair and skin – oil rejuvenates these areas.

Smell Essential Oils To Awaken To The Present Moment

‘These sense of smell is connect to the earth element in Ayurveda, which is what provides you grounding and stability’, says Ajmera. So when you stop to smell essential oils, it has a stabilizing effect on your mind, helping you return to the present moment. ‘I love smelling essential oil throughout the day. Rise Essential Oil Blend for the morning to energize me, Reset Essential Oil Blend throughout the day to bring me back to center and Relax Wssential Oil Blend at night to promote calm and better sleep’. In general, citrus is for awakening, while lavender is for calming.

Embrace Fresh Flowers, Whether Outdoors On In Your Home, As A Simple Way To Lift Way To Lift Your Spirit

‘Flowers are incredible spiritual medicine, full of healing power and symbolic significance’, according to Ajmera. ‘For example, roses are not only a potent symbol of love and beauty, but also very therapeutic for anger, irritability, overstimulation, hear exhaustion and overwork’.

You can simply look at them, smell them or even add rose petals to your bathwater when you are seeking relief from heated emotions. Consider growing a low-maintenance wildflower garden (to support the endangered bee population); you can even log into floral classes offered by women – owned and operated Aranj to learn the beautiful art of arranging flowers. If you want to automate the presence of bouquets in your life, consider a convenient, farm- direct floral subscription.

Light A Candle With Intention

‘The light of a candle represents knowledge, illumination and winning a victory over the darkness of your negative thinking, additions, destructive habits and excessive emotional restrictions’, says Ajmera. ‘When you light a candle while connecting with your purpose and intention for adopting a wellness practice, it is a simple way to strengthen your resolve for embracing the practice’.

There are endless candle brands that are equal parts pleasing to the visual and olfactory senses.

See Your Destiny In Your Hands

‘Gazing at your hands and affirming that wisdom and power lies in your hands first thing in the morning sets the tone for your day in a powerful way that has the potential to shape your destiny and help you be the change you wish to see in the world’, says Ajmera. She also recommends starting the day by simply stepping outdoors and feeling the warm sun on your face for a few moments, especially during these summer months.

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