CELEBRITY STYLE | Angelina Jolie’s Perfect Summer Dress Was Already In Her Closet

No season presents a greater wardrobe challenge than summer, especially this year. When heat, sun protection, masks, and more are considerations, finding the perfect look can be tricky – unless it’s already in the back of your closet.  This week in Los Angeles while out with her son Pax, Angelina Jolie provided a masterclass on repurposing a favorite piece for warmer weather. The Row’s Martina dress has become one of Jolie’s signature pieces. A longtime fan of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s minimalist label, Jolie regularly steps out in pieces  from the duo’s runway. Still, unlike many celebrities, she’s fond of rewearing the items that speak to her. Full sleeved with georgette pleats and un unstructured silhouette, the Martina can be worn in  a multitude of ways. Jolie’s preference involves the addition of a tan belt and her statement accessories of the moment. This week that meant gold hoop earrings, a cashmere shawl, and a cream version of Dior’s elegant 30 Montaigne bag.

Jolie’s favorite The Row look has proven versatile. She wore it on the streets of Paris while out with godmother Jacqueline Bisset last July, upping the glam factor with the addition of heel and oversized Louis Vuitton sunglasses. In the fall, she kept things casual while out to lunch with her children, pairing it with Salvatore Ferragamo flats and aviators. This week’s outfit was all about 2020’s key pieces: face Masks, cozy wraps, and a dress you can wear at least a dozen times.