TRAVEL | AlUla Has Now An Airport That Can Receive 400,000 Passengers Every Year

Home to some of Saudi Arabia’s most talked-about events, from Formula E to the hot air balloon festival to Winter At Tantora, Al Ula is a historic region in the north west of the Kingdom that attracts visitors from across the globe to its mesmerizing sandstones and rich heritage. This week, it has been announced that the region’s airport is getting a much – needed expansion, one that will allow it to receive a staggering 400,000 tourists a year.

As the region gears up to reopen its doors in October to visitors (following months of precautionary measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19), the Royal Commission of Al Ula announced that the second phase of works to Al Ula Airport has just been completed, further bolstering the region’s standing as a key tourist destination, as well as a logistic hub. The second phase of the development works has been focused on renovating the main building of the airport, expanding its runway, and adding a VIP reception hall.

As part of its efforts to open to tourism, the government of Saudi Arabia has been developing its sports, cultural, and heritage offerings, and Al Ula has been the top of the country’s efforts as it is home to some of the most extraordinary landscapes in the world and renowned locally for its archaeological remnants, some over 2,000 years old.

Indeed, this over-five-thousands-year-old region is filled with centuries of rich culture and history and has been home to a number of great civilizations such as the Dadanites, Lihyanites, and Nabateans. Today, the over 22,000 – square-kilometer region, which is roughly the size of Belgium, offers locals and visitors an array of events and experiences, from concerts, to culinary events, to breathtaking hiking and climbing trails.