BEAUTY | Barbie Has Teamed Up With Glamglow For A Limited-Edition Mask And Moisturizer

It’s easy to think of Barbie as someone who was born with flawless skin. OK, born may be the wrong word, considering she’s a doll, but that hasn’t stopped real, live humans from envying and emulating and emulating the icon’s beauty – especially now that she represents an increasingly diverse way to be beautiful. But from the looks of the latest Barbie collaboration with a beauty brand, it seems she relies on masks and moisturizers as much as the rest of us to achieve a radiant complexion.

GlamGlow, known for its epically Instagrammable masks, has teamed up with Barbie for special editions of two of its best-selling skin-care products. ‘Barbie is not one to keep her beauty tips a secret’, reads a press release from the brand. ‘She keeps her skin glowing skin with her own limited-edition jar of GlamGlow’s cult-status Chrocal Clearing Treatment Masks’ and then, as a follow-up, ‘use Barbie’s universal shade of Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer for radiant post-masking skin’.

Both have been reimagined in Barbie-pink packaging, of course, but it’s what’s inside the jars that really counts.

Barbie fans getting their introduction to Supermud ($59) will discover that its charcoal-based formula draws out pore-congesting grime and helps reduce unwanted shine with the help of a kaolin clay blend. Meanwhile, alpha hydroxyl acids – like lactic and glycolic – team up with beta hydroxyl acid (aka salicylic acid) – to exfoliate away dead skin cells that dull and clog your complexion.

Supermud is meant to be used a couple of times a week, but you’ll want to apply Glowster Mega Illuminating Moisturizer ($49) every day. The pearliness of the formula makes it an illuminating pick for any skin tone, and the hyaluronic acid, ceremides, and antioxidant green tea extract make it a hydrating and protecting pick for any skin type. Even if that skin type is, in Barbie’s case, PVC.